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Obituaries for George Sanders and Steve Dale

The Rotary Club of Wednesbury has recently lost two very significant and influential Members, with the deaths of George Sanders and Steve Dale.

During their years of membership both made considerable contributions to the working and running of the Club and will be very hard acts to follow.

George Sanders

George Sanders passed away in March after bravely fighting a serious illness for some years.

George joined the Club in 2002 and, during his 18 years membership gained the respect and admiration of all, through the impeccable standards he set, with his attention to detail and ability to get things done.

He served a number of Offices in the Club during the tenure of his membership but he really found his niche when he took on the role of Secretary – a position he held for a number of years up to his death and to which he took the standards to a very high level with his diligence and his “never take no for an answer” attitude.

George was President in 2011/12 and, assisted by his loyal wife Jean, enjoyed a very successful year, overseeing the Club’s many activities and well-supported social events.

In 2017 George was made a Paul Harris Fellow – the highest accolade a Club can bestow on a Member – named after the founder of Rotary and awarded for exceptional contributions of service.

Steve Dale

Steve Dale passed away very suddenly in July. 

Although a Member for only just over 10 years, Steve hit the ground running from day-1 and actively involved himself in the principal Club projects of the organising of the Wednesbury Carnival and the Father Christmas Float.  Steve was a brilliant driver and his abilities enabled Father Christmas to visit virtually every part of Wednesbury, during the annual December marathon.

Steve, having a large family himself, loved children and he was a perfect choice to be the Club Youth and Schools Liaison Officer.  He was known in all the schools and was an effective link between the Schools of Wednesbury and the Rotary Club, who have been presenting annual Community Awards in each of the schools for many years.

Steve was Club President in 2016/17 and, loyally supported by wife Lesley, had an excellent year at the helm.

At the time of his death, wheels were in motion for Steve to be made a Paul Harris Fellow but, his sudden passing thwarted this.  However, the Club has decided still to go ahead with the Award, which will now be presented posthumously to Lesley.


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