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If you support what we do, share the same interests and are willing to help, then why not join us. Your regular support allows us to achieve more every year.


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The Rotary Club of Wednesbury is embarking on two new ventures in the near future.

The Club already has Rotary links with Stuart Bathurst and Wood Green Academy Schools. We have recently establishd an Interact club at Wodensborough Ormiston Academy.

These school groups are called Interact Clubs. They are student based with an elected President and committee. There is a member of staff, not necessarily a Rotarian, who oversees the activities which are student led and the Rotary Club has members who mentor the Interact Club in the Rotary activities, particularly the ideals of Rotary of service to the community and the Rotary motto of “Service above Self”. The new Club at Wodensborough Ormiston has already embarked on an outstanding community service project, completed just before Christmas with a massive collection of food parcels to assist the work of the Wednesbury food bank. This club will be chartered in September.

The first two Clubs were incorporated and Chartered into the Rotary movement some 7 years ago, the Club looks forward to welcoming the new Interact Club in the very near future.

The other new venture is a trial form of Rotary membership known as Associate Members. There are many people who assist the Club in various ways, the Christmas float, the Carnival, concerts and social activities and it was considered they could be invited to join as associate members of the Wednesbury Club. It does not confer membership of Rotary International.

Associate membership is by invitation following an expression of interest. There is no commitment to regular attendance. Associates may attend any regular meeting of the Club, except business meetings, and pay for their own meal. Both they and their partner will be eligible to join in any social event. There will be no regalia or badge associated with this type of membership. The only condition is a request to participate in at least one charity fund raising event each year. Families of associated members and friends are also invited to share in such events.

Anyone over 18 who is interested in this form of membership is invited to contact the Club secretary 077909 46478, any member of the Club directly or via the web site