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For over 30 years, Rotary has been working hard to rid the world of polio a terrible disease that can kill or severely disable children. Polio has no cure, which means immunisation

Programmes are essential to prevent children from contracting this disease.

 Until polio is eradicated, children everywhere are at risk.

It costs just 20p to immunise a child, plus with the 2-to-1 donation matching scheme from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, your £1 will become £3, meaning 15 children can be protected for life. Your local Rotary club would be delighted to have your support for the

 Purple4Polio Campaign and would love to work with you to end polio now.





Aqua Box Assembly Volunteer Team 

Aquaboxes are amazing.They are life savers that provide clean drinking water for a family who would otherwise drink dirty, contaminated liquid. The box costs £60.00 to buy, this includes ALL transport to you, from you and to the destination. The box can be filled with emergency clothes, toys, dishes etc. It comes with all things necessary to purify 1100 litres of water which can last a family of four for a month. Will you or your organisation help? Please contact the web site for details. Several Primary schools have sent clothing, utensils

and money to support this project.

Schools to date are Mesty Croft, and St Marys.

Please see Youth Services Page for more detail on schools involvement.




Aqua Box Water Filter Assembly



You can help by collecting old spectacles. Visit your local optician, get them to help collect.
When you have some please contact the web site and we can arrange to send them  on to one of various oveseas projects.

The COST to you is an hour or two at the most.

The benefit to others is beyond price.


Rotary International began the process to eliminate POLIO throughout the world. This has been adopted by the World Health Organisation and there are now VERY few places in the world where Polio is endemic. Ther is still work to be done in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The Wednesbury Club is proud to  play a part in this project.

Watch these pages for the latest information.

INDIA has now been free from Polio for several years



We are pleased to announce wednesbury carnival will return on Saturday 10th July 2021

at Brunswick park


Carnival Raffle Prize List see separate page

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